Dr. David Bronkema

Dr. David Bronkema currently serves as the Dean of Palmer Theological Seminary. He has served as the Director of the Masters of International Development for nine years, of the MBA in Economic Development for six, and is an Associate Professor of International Development. He also holds the Templeton Chair of Christian Service Through Entrepreneurship, and received the Lindback Award for distinguished teaching in 2010. Dr. Bronkema holds a B.A., Swarthmore College (Political Science); M.A., Yale University (International Relations); and a Ph.D, Yale University (Sociocultural Anthropology). Before coming to Eastern, Dr. Bronkema worked in international development for 13 years. His publications, writings and talks have focused on the intersection between business, civil society, faith, and justice, with a particular interest in the area of spiritual metrics; Business as Mission; religion and development, community development and advocacy; and evangelical approaches to engaging the development field. His most recent publication is a co-authored book called Advocating for Justice: An Evangelical Vision for Transforming Systems and Structures (2016).