Content Editor

Laurie Nichols

For over 15 years Laurie has served in various communications and editorial leadership positions, including as director of communications, editor, publisher, managing editor, designer, communications strategist, and writer/author. She is founder of Common Good Communications and the Heromakers Movement, where she also hosts the Heromakers Podcast. Laurie serves a variety of non-profit organizations, creating resources and strategic communications and content plans that maximize resources while achieving an organization’s vision to make our world better. Laurie has deconstructed her faith enough to understand that a variety of differences inside of Christianity can make our world better as long as we are all on mission to share the love of Jesus Christ and to honor His image in all people. She is committed to fighting for the good of all, especially those who have been marginalized by those in positions of power. Laurie, her husband, their two children, and their dog live in a western suburb of Chicago.


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