Our Vision

Christian faith in action for personal and societal renewal

Responding to God’s invitation, to live out our faith fully, in every aspect of our lives: we combine biblical scholarship with astute policy analysis to further economic justice, support interdependence, promote racial and ecological justice, and generally try to make the world a better place.

We envision a new generation of the church committed to a holistic expression of the Christian faith, motivated by a desire to fully live into the hope of reconciliation, wholeness, and restoration promised by the whole gospel. We gather people who are seeking healing from the trauma of a violent world, ministering to one another as they journey together in a brave space for dialogue, questioning, creating, and exploration, and seeking to be faithful followers of Jesus.

Ron Sider retirement-37

In partnership with Eastern University and institutional partners, CSA serves as a catalyzing agent for Christ’s shalom via projects focused on holistic ministry, political reflection, and social justice. Rather than a typical “think” tank, CSA is a “do” tank whose purpose is to provide a faith-fueled engagement with justice issues:

  • to invite everyone to embrace the whole-life (body, mind, heart) Gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • to equip an intergenerational movement with the spiritual and intellectual tools to catalyze social flourishing at both a systemic and a personal level; and
  • to mobilize followers of Jesus to pursue peace with justice and creativity and to build cooperative relationships marked by mutual respect, love, and a commitment to ongoing dialogue across deep differences.