Christians for Social Action (CSA) is a group of scholar-activists, stirring the imagination for a fuller expression of Christian faithfulness and a more just society.

CSA has launched a podcast!

Engaging with social justice is complicated and messy and yet it’s the invitation of all Christians. 

20 Minute Takes breaks down the big and complicated to brings it into everyday life. Whether interviews with people on the frontlines, or breaking down the concepts in the headlines, 20 Minute Takes helps Christians to stir the imagination for what faithfulness and living justly can look like.



Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Issues are big and complex.  Initiatives provide a starting point or additional challenge for people already involved. God invites us to participate in the work of shalom (peace with justice). These initiatives provide a starting point and resources for engaging with some of the world’s most challenging issues.


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We bring Christians to the table across deep difference in sexual orientation, gender identity, and theological conviction. Join us in pursuing a unity that is deeper than agreement!

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Christians are called to be one in Christ (Galatians 3:28), not to erase the beautiful differences the Creator bestowed upon humanity, but to utterly destroy the hierarchies and domination that humans attach to those differences.

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