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 racial justice

Welcome to the Racial Justice Institute

Christians are called to be one in Christ (Galatians 3:28), not to erase the beautiful differences the Creator bestowed upon humanity, but to utterly destroy the hierarchies and domination that humans attach to those differences.

The Racial Justice Institute develops a variety of experiences (pilgrimages, discussions, media, writing, video, etc.) that engage people of faith around issues of identity, history and justice at the intersection of race as a social issue. 


Don’t Call Yourself My Ally

By Alicia Crosby
“…we’re on the same side. I’m your ally.” I’ve heard a version of this sentiment too many times to count over the years, and after taking a deep breath and stifling the urge to roll my eyes, my response is always the same: You cannot name yourself as an ally; that title is bestowed upon you. It should not be assumed.

Racial Justice Institute Team