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Pursuing a unity that is deeper than agreement

Christians disagree on what constitutes a faithful living out of our sexuality and gender, but unity is still possible — a unity that is deeper than agreement—and so is true Christian community. Find out how we’re working together to help the Body of Christ be oriented to love!

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Empowering the church to think, speak and act differently in the public square.

A renewed culture war is eating away at the soul of U.S. churches, but following Jesus shouldn’t turn us into political triumphalists, partisan loyalists or ideological extremists. The Center for Christian Civics equips Christians to trust each other and serve our neighbors—even across deep partisan divides.

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Building a new common sense about racial justice

Christians are called to be one in Christ (Galatians 3:28), not to erase the beautiful differences the Creator bestowed upon humanity, but to utterly destroy the hierarchies and domination that humans attach to those differences. The Racial Justice Institute develops a variety of experiences (pilgrimages, discussions, media, writing, video, etc.) that engage people of faith around issues of identity, history and justice at the intersection of race as a social issue.

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Putting theological education into practice

Real world experience, world-class education. Sider Scholars gain first hand experience, while also earning a scholarship towards a seminary degree at Eastern’s Palmer Seminary.

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20 min takes

Quick takes on complex issues

“20 Minute Takes” is a podcast that shares a quick take on complex issues, and takes us into the stories of folks pursuing justice in their communities.

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