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Darren Calhoun

Darren is a community activist, photographer, and worship leader based out of Chicago. Compassion and justice have been core to Darren’s community engagement for 16+ years. Darren is worship leader at Urban Village Church and previously served for 9 years as a volunteer worship leader at the downtown campus of Willow Creek Community Church.  He also contributed to the development of The Marin Foundation’s “I’m Sorry” campaign at gay pride parades and now #MakeLoveLouder with the Center for Inclusivity.

Darren has been part of grassroots efforts to reduce recidivism, truancy, violence, and unemployment on Chicago’s South and West Sides as well as community-led projects to engage city aldermen, pastors, residents, business owners and police for long-term community change. He has also led groups on anti-racism and racial reconciliation projects that help people from various backgrounds listen to and learn from one another. Darren is motivated by the idea that the local church is the hope of the world and that communities of Christ-followers can be catalysts for change and healing wherever they are. Darren shares stories of hurt and healing around issues facing marginalized individuals and groups in hopes that people will be moved to a place of compassion and reconciliation.

You can find Darren contributing at The Good Men Project and his blog He tweets @heyDarren.

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