Heavy Burdens Book Club, with author Bridget Eileen Rivera

Join author Bridget Eileen Rivera and others who love Jesus, justice, and the church for a 3-part series as we grapple with how LGBTQ people are treated in the Body of Christ and consider what we need to chart a better path forward. How can the church be a place of flourishing, faith, and family for everyone—regardless of sexuality, gender, race, or ability?

We’ll meet November 3, 10 and 17 @ 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern. Each session runs 45 minutes. Join us for one or all sessions.

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The first 10 readers to register will receive a free digital copy of the book when Brazos releases it on October 26!


Week 1 / November 3: Double Standards

In what ways does the church apply one set of standards for cisgender, heterosexual people and another for queer people? What needs to change?

Week 2 / November 10: An Interconnected Struggle

How is discrimination against queer people related to the discrimination experienced by people with other vulnerabilities?

Week 3 / November 17: Good News on the Ground

How can we nurture a body that is home for all its members, regardless of where they land theologically on same-sex marriage, for example? What do the recommendations in Heavy Burdens actually look like on the ground?

Read an interview with the author and an excerpt from the book here!