Oriented to Love nurtures respectful, compassionate dialogue about sexual & gender diversity in the Body of Christ

Come join us for a dialogue fishbowl!

Who: A diverse panel of Christians of different sexual orientations, gender identities, and theological convictions

What: A demonstration of loving dialogue across deep difference

When: Thursday, January 27, 2022 from 7:30-9pm

Where: The Table, located at First Lutheran Church, 215 North Lemon Street, Fullerton, CA, 92832

Why: Christians disagree on what constitutes a faithful living out of our sexuality and gender, but unity is still possible — a unity that is deeper than agreement. Let’s learn together what kinds of questions generate the best dialogue, what it looks like to listen with love, and how we can connect across deep differences without leaving our convictions at the door.

Join us for a moderated fishbowl conversation that demonstrates this beautiful possibility. We’ll take time for Questions & Responses so that the whole group gets a chance to enter into the conversation.

When you register below, we’ll send you a free guide to help you not only prepare for the fishbowl but also to process it with your family, friends and faith community afterwards. We want you to get the most out of this experience. Please also check out our tips for building a better question!

Registration is free but required, and will remain open up to an hour before start time; however, space is limited so we strongly suggest you register now. We will observe any COVID protocols required by the state at the time of the event. By registering now, you give us the opportunity to contact you if any changes need to be made due to evolving protocols. (Please note that in order to respect the privacy of our dialogue partners, this event will not be recorded or live-streamed. Masks required to attend.)

This event is made possible through generous gifts from The Table, Epic Church, and Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles.


Oriented to Love is a program of Christians for Social Action (CSA) that helps Christians build community in the church amidst theological diversity, through loving dialogue and mutual vulnerability. The goal is to discover a unity that is deeper than agreement. Kristyn Komarnicki, director of dialogue and convening at CSA and director of the Oriented to Love dialogue program, will moderate the fishbowl.