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The High Cost of Gun Violence

By Taylor S. Schumann

If you’ve never personally been affected by gun violence, it’s easy to think the ripples of it haven’t affected your life, but it’s simply not true. Much of the financial burden of gun violence rests on the shoulders of taxpayers.

In Praise of Theological Tensions

By Gregory Coles
The genius of Christian unity, of the body of Christ acting like a body composed of different parts, is that we become wiser and more whole in fellowship with each other. Our tensions, like tendons, make us able to reach in multiple directions without tearing apart.

Aperture of the Heart

By Nikole Lim
Shooting “wide open” allows me to capture the diverse beauty of people’s faces, laden with untold stories, while softening the distractions of the background, bringing their humanity to the forefront.


By Scott Erickson

And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night.
Luke 2:8

Divine revelation will come to you today through unexpected avenues you’ve probably ignored.

The Crisis of Belonging

By Eric Jacobsen

In the winter of my junior year of college, I traveled to Scotland to study at the University of Aberdeen. I arrived on campus just after the beginning of the new year.

Challenging Racism: The Brown Church

By Robert Chao Romero

I’m Spanish.
My family is from Spain.
We’re from Peru, but my husband is Italian.
I’m a norteño; I’m not an Indian from southern Mexico.
She has “bad hair.”
Marry someone lighter than you, pa’ que mejorar la raza.

Can I Be Black and Christian?

By Micky ScottBey Jones

After the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012, I was forever changed. Nothing could remain the same—not my mothering, not my relationships, not my faith. I needed more than The Power of a Praying Wife.

Church on the Margins With My LGBTQ+ Friends

By Katie Hays

For almost two decades I served small, traditional congregations where heteronormativity was the unspoken rule. In those churches we were attentive to our ethic of hospitality: How can we be more welcoming to them, the people who are our guests?

A Prayer for When People Terrorize

From: “A Booklet of Uncommon Prayer” by Kenji Kuramitsu

A Booklet of Uncommon Prayer, from which this prayer is taken, is now available electronically.

Racism Is a Gospel Issue

By Jonathan Walton

In 2008, I felt like an American for the first time because I saw a leader who looked like me. All of my life I hoped my education and accomplishments would free me from the history of my skin color as inherently inferior and forever intimidating.

The Discipline of Watching the Sunrise

By Mark Charles

One of the most beautiful, beneficial, and sacred spiritual disciplines I have incorporated into my life is the discipline of watching the sunrise. It is one thing to watch the sun rise a couple times a year, perhaps on Easter for a sunrise service or when you have a 6 a.m.

Ending Hunger

By Jenny Eaton Dyer

“We are halfway to defeating extreme poverty and disease worldwide.”

Since 1990, our generation and our nation has led the world in halving the number of people who live in extreme poverty around the world, and we did this in spite of the increase of population growth during this time period.