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New Name, Same Mission

By Ron Sider
Evangelicals for Social Action began with the Chicago Declaration of Evangelical Social Concern written over the Thanksgiving weekend in 1973. About 50 evangelical leaders

The Legion of the Lonely

By Harold Dean Trulear

As a young adult Episcopalian, I was confronted by a graduate school colleague who asked me how I could stand to say the “same printed prayers every week.” After giving it some thought, I responded to my friend, “Baptists say the same prayers every week, too.

An Alien’s Psalm

By Ed Hays
I wear the mark of your disapproval
and your often unspoken words
pierce straight to my soul,
“Why didn’t you stay where you belong?”

No Boom without Bust

By Aaron Foltz

Against Enormous Odds, an Activist Fights Fracking in His Hometown
In many ways Williamsport, Pa., (pop. 29,304) is the perfect American city. Nestled into a river valley, it’s the town where Little League was born.

In Defense of Mystery

By Jo Kadlecek

“A sound of quick steps broke the silence of the moor. Crouching among the stones we stared intently at the silver moon-tipped bank in front of us. The steps grew louder, and through the fog, as through a curtain, there stepped the man whom we were awaiting.

The Magic (and Ministry) of a Good Story

By Jo Kadlecek

On a tame Saturday afternoon, tired from the week and still bogged down by my “to-do” list, I got caught on the couch with a good novel: The Secret Lives of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, a contemporary Southern story of racial tension, family pain, and empowered/empowering women.

Let Justice Roll Down…In All of Life

By Phil Olson

Holistic Christian discipleship requires a balanced relationship with God, God’s people, and God’s world.  The Israelite prophet Micah recorded God’s intention for us (6:8): “Love mercy, do justice, and walk humbly with your God.” Amos, a contemporary of Micah, exhorted God’s people to “let justice run down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream” (5:24).