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Six Tips for Hosting a Vegan at Thanksgiving

By Sarah Withrow King

You’re hosting the holiday meal this year and have the menu all planned out when you learn one of the guests is vegan. Hospitality is important to you. You want to share the gifts you’ve been given, welcome people with open arms, and create a space where all of your guests feel warm, safe, and seen.

The Case for Climate Justice

By Jason Koon

“Why is our church still using Styrofoam when we have meals together?”

The question struck me as strange, not because I disagreed with the thought behind it, and not even because I thought it was unimportant.

Left Behind: How End Times Heresies Undermine Evangelical Action on Climate

By Don Golden

Climate Week kicked off in New York City on September 23-29 as a matter of global urgency. Organized in collaboration with the United Nations, the week is meant to showcase climate initiatives and to discuss what more can be done to reduce the risks associated with climate change, especially for the poor and vulnerable.

God’s Fantastic Creation

By Dr. Ron Sider

I just returned from a wonderful twelve-day trip driving through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Whenever I think with a bit of care about the gorgeous beauty, vast expanse, and intricate detail of God’s creation, I stand utterly amazed.

Climate Change and the Church: Advocating for Care of Creation

By Ruth Ivory-Moore
Being created in God’s image carries with it the responsibility of acting in a manner that shows the character of God’s love for all of creation. A reflection of God’s character embodies traits that include love, mercy, care, and justice.

All Creation Praises God

By St. Francis of Assisi

Canticle of the Sun
by St. Francis of Assisi
Most high, all powerful, all good Lord!
All praise is Yours, all glory, all honor, and all blessing.

Environmental Racism

By Miguel De La Torre

We are called by God to be good stewards of the earth. Unfortunately, racism gets in the way. Environmental racism, defined as the link between the degradation of the environment and the racial composition of the areas where degradation takes place, is all too prevalent among communities of color in the US.

The World From a Porch Swing

By Randy Woodley

In the anxiety of battle between good and evil, sensible compromise and sinful submission to worldly systems confronting me at my fingertips, I often retreat to my front porch swing for solace.

What Love Requires

By Sharon Delgado
When my granddaughter Nikayla was ten years old, climate change became real to her. She learned that glaciers and ice sheets are melting, endangering the habitats of Polar bears and Emperor penguins. She loves animals, as most children do, so she created a poster with pictures of hearts, the earth, and animals.

The Miraculous Catch: It’s Not About Fishing

By Sarah Withrow King

There are some passages in the Bible that, I have to admit, I just wish weren’t there. They make me uncomfortable, don’t fit with my understanding of God, or are really hard to explain to people who aren’t Christian.

God’s Created World

By Sarah Withrow King

I was raised in a Christian house, accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was a child, and have continued to grow (and stumble, and repent, and rejoice) in faith throughout my life.

Kyle Meyaard-Schaap Visits Eastern University

By Jill Murphy
Last month, Christians for Social Action was thrilled to help bring Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, the National Organizer and Spokesperson for YECA (Young Evangelicals for Climate Action),