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Aperture of the Heart

By Nikole Lim
Shooting “wide open” allows me to capture the diverse beauty of people’s faces, laden with untold stories, while softening the distractions of the background, bringing their humanity to the forefront.

Q&A: Intersex and Transgender Experiences

By Lianne Simon and Allison

Q: “When in relationship with a person who desires to see Scriptural proof to ‘accept’ intersex people, how do you handle this, and do you have references for them?”

A: I have been told that intersex is a result of the Fall.

Cat Calls? Comics to the Rescue!

By Jennifer Carpenter


“Hey, baby, come over here and let me look at you a minute.” “Smile, beautiful.” “What’s your name, little mama?”

I never know what to say when I hear this kind of stuff while walking down the street.

Beauty and the Beast

By Brian Wigg

Pornography doesn’t love you and it never will.
I have no doubts about the nature of pornography. It is utterly without value. Yet, sadly, I am drawn to it like a fly to manure.

We Were the Least of These: Sexual Abuse and the Church

By Elaine A. Heath

It was the middle of summer, and I was preaching through a series entitled “Men, Women, and God.” While the congregation was accepting of me as their pastor, they still tended to have patriarchal views about gender.

Misogyny Next Door

By Emily Nielsen Jones

A Call to Protect the Full Personhood of Our Daughters from Both Pornographic and Spiritual Patriarchy
The word “misogyny” may scare some away and sound like inflammatory jargon, but it is alive and well in our world and something we as parents need to guard against.

Saving Bathsheba

By Rachel Marie Stone
“How much responsibility did Bathsheba have in that affair? After all, she was bathing where David could see her!” I have heard this line, and others like it, many times in the course of my evangelical upbringing

How (Not) to Dress for Chess

By Elrena Evans

Last month, a young competitor in the National Scholastic Chess Championship in Putrajaya, Malaysia was pulled from the tournament over an outfit that chess officials deemed “too seductive.”

I haven’t mentioned whether the competitor was a boy or a girl, but I’m guessing I don’t need to.

Sex, Lies, and Community

By Tim Otto

“…one of the greatest political contributions Christians can make to any social order in which they find themselves is to tell the truth and to be capable of receiving the truth.”

– Theologian Stanley Hauerwas, on Dietrich Bonhoeffer

How about this for a practice run?

Freedom for the Captives

By Kristyn Komarnicki

This month marks the 154th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, issued by President Lincoln in 1863, in the middle of his nation’s bloody civil war. Although woefully limited in its reach—it declared freedom for slaves in the “rebellious states” but ignored slavery in other areas of the country—the Proclamation was a critical turning point for the nation.

Sharing the Shame

By Francesca Debora Nuzzolese

I am in a van with five teen girls and a house mom from the New Life Center (NLC) in Chang Rai, Thailand. We are going to a small rural village bordering Myanmar to visit the family of Mauy, age 14.