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20 Minute Takes – Jasmin Shupper & Repair in the Wake of Redlining

By Jasmin Shupper

Season 6, Episode 4

This week, Nikki interviews Jasmin Shupper, the CEO and Founder of the Greenline Housing Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to close the racial wealth and homeownership gaps and reverse the effects of systemic racism in housing by granting access to home ownership for people of color.

20 Minute Takes – Nishan de Mel: Economics, Corruption & Structural Transformation

By Nishan de Mel

Season 6, Episode 2

This week on 20 Minute Takes, we hear from economist Nishan de Mel. In front of a live audience, Nishan talks about how he and his organization, Verité Research, attempted to tackle corruption in governance in Sri Lanka, as well as what it means to participate in inherently unjust structures with an eye toward truth and transformation.

20 Minute Takes – Ruth Padilla DeBorst & Revisiting Transformation

By Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Season 6, Episode 1
Welcome to Season 6!

In this episode, Nikki talks with Dr. Ruth Padilla DeBorst of the International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation (INFEMIT). They discuss how a global, interdenominational, and intergenerational community like INFEMIT is helping Christians all over the world think about how the church is showing up in their own contexts, as well as the upcoming Stott-Bediako Forum coming up in Medellín, Colombia, this July 15-17.

A Reflection on Juneteenth, Pride and Shared Freedom

By Darren Calhoun
Juneteenth and Pride are connected by the pursuit of freedom, justice, and human dignity. Pride Is a protest asserting our right to exist and thrive. Juneteenth is a reminder of delayed justice and the long journey toward liberation.

An Invitation to Go Deeper: Mark Labberton and Nikki Toyama-Szeto

By Mark Labberton, Nikki Toyama-Szeto, and Laurel Bunker

In early 2021, CSA Executive Director Nikki Toyama-Szeto and Fuller Theological Seminary president Mark Labberton spoke on the changing state of American evangelicalism. This presentation was part of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities’ online conference, “Faithful Leadership: Race, Politics & Evangelicalism in America.”
“Evangelicalism is paddling in the shallows … but Jesus invites us into the deep.”
Nikki opens her portion of the presentation with a meditation exercise that offers tremendous calm ahead of a fraught conversation.

American Altar

By Michael Stalcup
What if, instead,
we had a monstrous steel statue,
a modern-day Molech,

its bloodstained stainless steel
altar rimmed with polished wood,
serviced by priests and acolytes

Would You Intervene?

By Kathy Khang

Editor’s Note: This essay was originally published on September 5, 2016, as This Is My Country and is used by generous permission of the author.

The older man walks up to the closed register next to me and looks at the wretched KFC/Pizza Hut menu at the travel oasis/rest stop near Elkhart, Indiana.

Dear Pastor Conflicted about LGBTQ+ Inclusion

By Bill White and Brenna Rubio
Dear Pastor Conflicted about LGBTQ+ Inclusion, we have been in your shoes. You’ve started to wonder whether the church – YOUR church – needs to become more inclusive, especially of LGBTQ people, and you feel conflicted. Your heart is torn, your mind is spinning.

Why Abandon Culture Wars?

By Rick Barry
Ultimately, the culture war paradigm is not just destructive to Christians or to the church—it is also destructive to the country.

The Sacred Art of Paying Attention

By Kristyn Komarnicki
When we make space to lean towards each other with attention, to listen and to hear, not just the words we speak to each other but the actual hopes and hurts and fears and joys, we are offering each other the most sacred gift available to us.