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The High Cost of Gun Violence

By Taylor S. Schumann

If you’ve never personally been affected by gun violence, it’s easy to think the ripples of it haven’t affected your life, but it’s simply not true. Much of the financial burden of gun violence rests on the shoulders of taxpayers.

"Beating Guns" Tour: A Photo Essay

By Dale D. Gehman


In the book Beating Guns, authors Shane Claiborne and Mennonite blacksmith Michael Martin take a frank look at our country with regards to gun violence. In their thirty-seven-city Beating Guns Tour, Shane and Michael feature the live transformation of a gun into a garden tool at each stop…and mix worship, song, prayer, art, and stories as a call to look into our own hearts and see that this is not only a gun issue but a heart issue.

Hanging in the Balance: An Israeli/Palestinian Pilgrimage

By Reesheda Washington

There is such a stark contrast between the two regions that one might easily, though erroneously, be lured into the deceptive ease of seeing only two worlds: that of Israel and Israelis, and that of Palestine and Palestinians.

Running for Human Rights

By Sara Burback

On March 23, I had the opportunity to join over 7,000 runners of all ages gathered in Bethlehem’s Manger Square, awaiting the signal to cross the starting line to begin the 6th annual Palestine Marathon.

Justice, Reconciliation, and Nonviolent Peacemaking

By Ron Sider
I am a very unlikely candidate to speak at this important occasion honoring Dr. King’s historic “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” I came to this country from Canada 51 years ago on a student visa to do graduate study.

The Nonviolent Revolutionary

By John Dear

Mahatma Gandhi considered Jesus the most active person of nonviolence in the history of the world. He was dismayed, however, that so few Christians understood or embraced Jesus’ nonviolence.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Prayer for When People Terrorize

By Kenji Kuramitsu
Terror has struck, and once again a great grief has opened before us.
I won’t recount the litany. We know the nausea, the shock, the dizzying cadence of such reckless hate.

Peace in the Midst of Conflict: Another Voice

By Elli Atchison

The summer of 2014 was an ugly one in Israel and Palestine. The media was filled with reports of a war that devastated Gaza, and filled Israel and the West Bank with anxiety and fear.

On Violence

By Jacques Ellul

Unless Christians fulfill their prophetic role, unless they become the advocates and defenders of the truly poor, witness to their misery, then, infallibly, violence will suddenly break out. In one way or other ‘their blood cries to heaven,’ and violence will seem the only way out.

Kingdom Versus Caliphate

By Bruxy Cavey

“We’ve got to protect our borders.” A man named Hank approached me after a talk about Jesus’ way of peace that I gave at a church in the United States, and this is how he started a conversation.

13 Strategies for Seekers of Shalom

By Vernon Grounds

1. Pray! Pray daily and specifically in keeping with I Timothy 2:1-5; II Corinthians 10:3-5; Ephesians 6:1-10.

2. Keep informed regarding the development of international and national affairs. Be concerned about the world, not just the church.

Let’s Be Christian Peacemakers, Not Warmongers

By Stephen Mattson
In a world of violence, followers of Christ should strive to be peacemakers. This is hard in a society like the United States that romanticizes militaristic strength and esteems violence, but we should strive to follow Christ’s example nonetheless.

Do I Have the Guts to Practice Nonviolence?

By Dr. Gabriel Constans

I know it works. Millions of people around the world have risked life and limb to make it happen. But I don’t know, when it comes down to it, if I have the courage or moral strength to do it myself.