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New Name, Same Mission

By Ron Sider
Evangelicals for Social Action began with the Chicago Declaration of Evangelical Social Concern written over the Thanksgiving weekend in 1973. About 50 evangelical leaders

Ron Sider: Finding Strength in a Time of Pandemic

By Ron Sider

The coronavirus makes this a scary, dangerous time. None of us knows what our situation will be in two or six weeks. That is frightening.

Of course we know we need to avoid the panicmongers and listen to our best health professionals.

Ron Sider: A Prayer Instead of Politics

By Ron Sider

I often fail to come even close to the submission and faithfulness prayed for here, but these words represent my desire. I hope you can make these words your sincere longing as well.

I’m Not a Social Activist

By Ron Sider
I’m not a social activist.

I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Savior, and Lord of the universe.
In the inner-city congregation where my family worshiped for more than a decade, the choir often sang a song I still love:

Ron Sider Remembers Billy Graham

By Ron Sider

A giant of the faith has left us. Billy Graham is now in the presence of our Lord.

The most important thing to say about Billy Graham is that he loved his Lord with all his heart and lived a life of faithfulness and integrity.

Justice, Reconciliation, and Nonviolent Peacemaking

By Ron Sider
I am a very unlikely candidate to speak at this important occasion honoring Dr. King’s historic “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” I came to this country from Canada 51 years ago on a student visa to do graduate study.

Ron Sider on Justice and the Republican Tax Bills

By Ron Sider

The tax bills currently being rushed through Congress are huge and complex. And the details keep changing. I am not a professional economist specializing on tax law, so I do not claim infallibility for my comments!

President-Elect Trump: A Response from CSA

By Ron Sider

What does Christians for Social Action have to say about President-elect Trump?

First, we treasure American democracy and its precious history of peaceful transition of political power. And therefore we pledge to pray for President-elect Trump, and we will work with him whenever our principles align.