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Consuming Christianly?

By Al Hsu
In modern society, consumption is inescapable. So the question is not whether or not we consume, but in what ways and to what degree.

Let’s Keep “Give” in Thanksgiving

This article originally appeared on November 9th, 2015.
It’s not Thanksbuying. Or Thanksworking. It’s Thanksgiving, a time to rest and feast and reconnect with family and friends, a time to give thanks to the Creator for all the blessings in our lives—the relationships, the sustenance, the joy and purpose of our lives.

Losing at Monopoly: Blessed Are the Meek

By Scott Bessenecker

What if there were secret rules to the game of Monopoly, hidden to the greedy, the arrogant and the power-hungry? What if things like giving away property, loaning money at low interest rates, redistributing property when things got too lopsided or lowering rent for those who couldn’t afford to land on your space were actions that were recorded and honored?