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As Ron Would Say, “People Need Jesus and a Job”

By Shane Claiborne

I first met Ron at Eastern Univeristy—he was at the seminary and I was fresh out of the East Tennessee Bible belt.  I arrived at Eastern with a very open mind, but new to connecting my faith to the bigger social issues and questions of how to address poverty.

Living in Liminal Space

By Natalia Kohn, Nemi Vega Quiñones, and Kristy Garza Robinson

Originally published January 15, 2019

Esther was a Jewish woman being raised by a cousin named Mordecai. The Jews were an ethnic minority community displaced and dispersed all over the provinces of King Xerxes of Persia.

"Our Daily Bread Give Us Today"

By Jean-Pierre Isbouts

Originally published October 2, 2017

Father, hallowed be your name. Your Kingdom come. Our daily bread give us today. And forgive us our debts, for we forgive our debtors.

Ron Sider: Embodiment of Holistic Faith

By Kristyn Komarnicki

In 1998, Ron Sider hired me as a part-time editor for PRISM magazine, Christians for Social Action’s flagship print publication at the time. It was the answer to a fervent prayer of mine, to do meaningful work that would not only integrate my faith but also grow it.

Ron Sider: A Prayer Instead of Politics

By Ron Sider

I often fail to come even close to the submission and faithfulness prayed for here, but these words represent my desire. I hope you can make these words your sincere longing as well.

Aperture of the Heart

By Nikole Lim
Shooting “wide open” allows me to capture the diverse beauty of people’s faces, laden with untold stories, while softening the distractions of the background, bringing their humanity to the forefront.