A Prayer Against the Marginalization of Queer People

You exist beyond categorization and beyond the limits of what we can understand.

Reveal to us the fluid, all-embracing community of love and light that is at the heart of your character in three persons.

End all oppression and indignities that your LGBTQ children are forced to endure daily in the name of heterosexual and cisgender comfort, in communities of color and elsewhere.

Swallow all false teachings and politics of respectability into the mouth of the grave, that your church might grow under the spiritual headship of queer people and all gender and sexual minorities who, with your Holy One, Jesus, are alive and here in this world.


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I’m surprised you are reading this. When a discussion of homosexuality comes up, I find that most Christians are exhausted by it. Are there any words left that might accomplish anything? Words that would resolve it, reconcile us, and put the matter to rest?