All Belong Here

A moment of beauty to start the week: Watch CSA’s Darren Calhoun and The Many singing “All Belong Here.”


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"Our Daily Bread Give Us Today"

By Jean-Pierre Isbouts

Father, hallowed be your name. Your Kingdom come. Our daily bread give us today. And forgive us our debts, for we forgive our debtors. And do not lead us to the test.

Uprooted Again: Internally Displaced Refugees in the United States

By Russell Jeung

When Ywa Blu Htoo arrived in the United States in 2010 at the age of eight, he couldn’t walk due to his cerebral palsy. Through Asian Health Services in Oakland, a clinic with specialized services for refugee families, he was able to get a primary care doctor and translated services in his Karen language for the first time in his life.