Church + the Whole Gospel = Hope

When I look at the church, what gives me hope?

This is a difficult question to answer, because it’s hard to identify a single thing that gives me hope. But my answer to what I’m most hopeful about is also what I believe the church needs to hear the most: the whole gospel.

It’s the reason we exist. We need to be a church where everything we do is in response to the gospel of Christ. And by the gospel, I’m not just suggesting that we earn our ticket to heaven. The gospel is so amazing and magnificent that it does give us the gift of salvation and reconciles us to God through Christ. But the gospel also ushers forth the kingdom of God that was demonstrated by Jesus Christ. That’s the gospel that we need to be a part of and be about.
May we be about the gospel, and may everything that we do be in response to the gospel of Christ.

Eugene Cho is is the founder and senior pastor of Quest Church in Seattle, Wash., and the founder of One Day’s Wages, a grassroots to alleviate extreme global poverty. His new book is Overrated: Are We More In Love with the Idea of Changing the World Than Actually Changing the World? (just out from David C. Cook).


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When I look at the church, what gives me hope?

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