Help and Hope: Resources for women (and men) after an abortion

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We Forgive You” is a beautiful, compassionate song that offers a message of hope and forgiveness for those who have experienced an abortion. It’s by Steve Siler of Music for the Soul, a Christian ministry that uses the power of songs and stories as a bridge to hope and healing for people facing life’s most difficult issues.



The following organizations offer a variety of post-abortion resources:

Abortion Changes You provides a space for post-abortive women, men, and family members to share their stories.

Abortion Is the Un-Choice provides information and resources concerning unwanted abortion and its side effects.

Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries offers educational and training resources as well as weekend retreats to facilitate the healing process after an abortion. Check out their resource page for men.

Ramah International provides information on abortion, abortion risks, and post-abortion syndrome. It also provides resources for local

Restoring the Heart Ministries offers a 10-part video series called Into My Arms for those who have suffered the pain of abortion. The curriculum is targeted at counseling professionals and lay people who can lead post-abortive women through the forgiveness journey after an abortion.

Silent No More Awareness is a Christian organization that seeks to make the public aware of the physical and emotional devastation of abortion for both women and men.

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