Lenten Resources

How are you observing Lent this year? We’re highlighting a number of Lenten devotionals that focus on seeking justice. We hope you’ll check out some of these and find one that connects with your heart.

Free resources:

How might we journey toward a deeper connection with the Creator & creation itself? Drawing Closer to Creator & Creation: An Indigenous Journey Through Lent, written by Dr. Randy Woodley, is available for download at Eloheh Indigenous Center for Earth Justice.

Confront ableism this Lent. Disabling Lent: An Anti-Ableist Lenten Devotional is published by Unbound, a Ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Audio version included.

The Climate Witness Project has a number of resources, including a weekly Lent Creation Care Challenge calendar you can download.


An American Lent is a devotional journey through America’s history of slavery, segregation, and racism. At times, it may feel like a voyage into the shadow of death, but even in that deep darkness, God is with us and God’s light is the hope that guides us.


To Build & to Plant by spiritual director Enrique Cintrón and special education teacher Chad Morris focuses on what happens at the end of Jesus’ 40-day temptation in the desert: when Satan leaves and angels come minister to Jesus. “After everything we’ve collectively and individually been through in the past year(s), where in our relationships do we need renewal? What in our life needs to be uprooted, tended to?” You can follow on Instagram, too.

Resources for purchase:

Our friends at The Many are offering Lent Another Way, a 6-week daily e-course created for Lent, especially for those of us who have more questions than answers about God and life and faith, but who desperately want to be part of making the world better and more life-giving for everyone.

A Sanctified Art is a group of artists who minister through the creation of creative worship resources. Again & Again, their 2021 bundle of creative resources for Lent, Holy Week and Easter features a devotional booklet, daily devotional cards, Ash Wednesday & Stations of the Cross liturgies, a Lenten Prayer Wall art project, words for worship, sermon guide, poetry, visual art, branding, and more.


You may also want to read

Why I Go to Confession

By Allison Duncan

The week before Easter, I go to confession with a whole two pages’ worth of sins I’ve been collecting throughout Lent. Pastor Beverly welcomes me into her office, and together we open the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer to the brief service of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Exploring the Gift of Wonder During Lent

By Christine Aroney-Sine

God’s bequest of play buffers us from the spiritual burnout so rampant in our faith communities.

My Lenten theme this year is Breaking Down Walls. When I chose this theme I was not just thinking of the controversy about the wall on the U.S/Mexican border.