Nonviolent Action Method #2: Letters of Opposition or Support

Image credit: Reuters

In April 2012, Palestinians gave a letter setting out their grievances to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

(You can read more about the different methods of nonviolent protest in Gene Sharp’s book The Politics of Nonviolent Action. Access CSA’s catalogue of Sharp’s methods here, or download the full list of 198 methods here.)

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Nonviolent Action Method #11: Records, Radio and Television

From Gene Sharp

During the 2012 elections in Mexico, many youth felt that Enrique Peña Nieto, the eventual winner, was given an unfair advantage by the television monopolies of TVAzteca and Televisa. So they took to the Internet, using Youtube and other websites as means of communicating their dissent.

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action, Illustrated

From Gene Sharp
We’ve compiled real-world examples to illustrate many of Gene Sharp’s 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action. Click on one to to access inspiration by seeing how others have put these into action!