What If We Don’t Agree?


This is the third installment in our six-week visual series on exploring what God’s love looks like when we live it out in our world. If you’re just joining us, you can begin with the first installment here.

Today, ask God to bring to mind a journalist, commentator, or leading thinker who doesn’t share your views. Pray God’s blessing on them. Repent of times you have used “warlike and arrogant swords of argument” (Origen) when trying to prove a point. Ask God to reveal ways to seek mutual understanding—or even mutual edification—with those who don’t agree with you.

Jon Carlson serves as Lead Pastor of Forest Hills Mennonite Church outside of Lancaster, PA. Jon and his wife, Lyn, are raising three kids who seem to have endless supplies of energy. Follow on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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