The Immigration Debate: Can the Bible Help?

By M. Daniel Carroll Rodas

The issues surrounding the immigration debate are complex and ongoing. The United States was founded by immigrants, and many can point to ancestors from Europe, Asia, or Africa who reached these shores in the last 250 years.

Three Surprising Things I Learned About US Immigration From a DACA Dreamer

By Kristyn Komarnicki

At the launch of CSA’s PrayforDREAMers campaign last month, when DACA recipient Vanessa Upegui-Seel spoke at Eastern University about her experience as an undocumented immigrant who was bought to the US at the age of 12, I learned three things I hadn’t known before:


The Church’s “Third Rail” of Immigration

By Craig Wong
The political theater around the topic of immigration can best be described as painfully comic, especially in election seasons, as each candidate frets and spins in a clumsy attempt to communicate a coherent position.

Meeting Juan: Reexamining My Views on Immigration

By Charles Metcalf

It was a Tuesday night, and I found myself in a strange yet familiar place. I had been invited to attend a Bible study. Nothing new here. The unfamiliarity came from the fact that this Bible study was bilingual.

What Do Our Politics Look Like When Our Faith Is in the Driver’s Seat…?

With Rev. Edward Bailey, Rev. Lori Person-Baynard, Dr. Robert Reyes, Pastor Carmen Dones, Dr. Ron Sider, and Kristyn Komarnicki

Webinar: How Can I Talk With Family and Friends Who Disagree With Me This Election Year?

By Ron Sider
Ways to begin a conversation across deep political divides that lead to real listening and dialogue rather than anger and silence

Faith-Rooted Civil Resistance

Questions for Christians
Why is nonviolent struggle an essential part of pursuing racial justice?How do nonviolent movements for racial justice fit within our participation in the mission of God?How does the gospel connect nonviolent movements for racial progress and Christian faithfulness?

Immigrants and Refugees

Questions for Christians

Why does God care so much about immigrants?
What does justice look like for these “strangers” among us?
What do immigrants have to do with me, and what difference could I possibly make in the lives of displaced people?

God & Politics

Questions for Christians
Why should my faith have anything to do with my politics?What would it look like to let Christ be Lord of my politics?How should biblical teaching inform my politics?
Although most people never think about it concretely, every person has some baseline principles that guide their political judgments.

The Immigrants’ Creed

Excerpt from The Book of Common Worship, 2018 Edition
I believe in Almighty God,
who guided the people in exile and in exodus,
the God of Joseph in Egypt and Daniel in Babylon,
the God of foreigners and immigrants.