The Immigration Debate: Can the Bible Help?

By M. Daniel Carroll Rodas

The issues surrounding the immigration debate are complex and ongoing. The United States was founded by immigrants, and many can point to ancestors from Europe, Asia, or Africa who reached these shores in the last 250 years.

Three Surprising Things I Learned About US Immigration From a DACA Dreamer

By Kristyn Komarnicki

At the launch of CSA’s PrayforDREAMers campaign last month, when DACA recipient Vanessa Upegui-Seel spoke at Eastern University about her experience as an undocumented immigrant who was bought to the US at the age of 12, I learned three things I hadn’t known before:


The Church’s “Third Rail” of Immigration

By Craig Wong
The political theater around the topic of immigration can best be described as painfully comic, especially in election seasons, as each candidate frets and spins in a clumsy attempt to communicate a coherent position.

Meeting Juan: Reexamining My Views on Immigration

By Charles Metcalf

It was a Tuesday night, and I found myself in a strange yet familiar place. I had been invited to attend a Bible study. Nothing new here. The unfamiliarity came from the fact that this Bible study was bilingual.

Immigration and the Imago Dei

By Nicole Morgan

On January 30th the House Republican leadership released a one-page document with standards for immigration reform. The document has been met with some hope for a workable compromise between Democrats and Republicans on the issue of immigration reform.

I Fasted from White Authors for Lent

By Liz Cooledge Jenkins

Editor’s note: Originally published March 3, 2022,  we believe Liz’s suggestions below, after completing a month-long celebration of Black authors, can be a meaningful way to both kick off Lent and to continue to honor and learn from our Black brothers and sisters. 

Mass Incarceration: A Gospel Response

By Bishop Ernest McNear and Reverend Lin Crowe
The statistics hang over the cities of America like a thick grey cloud, almost blotting out the light of hope and opportunity. One out of every nine young black males in the United States between the ages of twenty and thirty-four is behind bars.

On Peace: Prayers & Reflections

By Liz Cooledge Jenkins
Sometimes we have no idea what peace would mean.
It’s all too difficult.
Everything in us is tired.

On Joy: Prayers & Reflections

By Liz Cooledge Jenkins

Editor’s Note: This post is part of a 4-part series for Advent 2022 by Liz Cooledge Jenkins


There is a space within us empty until filled with joy.

Just One Suitcase

By Lisa Rodriguez-Watson
“It must have been so difficult to leave her life, her friends, her family and have only one suitcase to take with her,” I remarked to my abuela as we talked about her sister, Raquel, who had recently defected from Cuba to the United States while on a government trip.