Critical Race Theory in Christianity, Part 2: An Introduction to Critical Race Theory

By Robert Chao Romero

As a practical response to the spiritual borderlands of institutional Christianity and Ethnic Studies, I propose a new academic project—that of Critical Race Theory in Christianity. To those who may be unfamiliar, Critical Race Theory (CRT) examines the intersection of race, racism, and U.S.

Critical Race Theory in Christianity, Part I: The Christian-Ethnic Studies Borderlands

By Robert Chao Romero

Author’s note: Critical Race Theory has been the subject of much controversy in some Christian circles. As a follower of Christ, pastor, and professor of Critical Race Theory at UCLA, I feel that it is important for me to chime in, because much of the controversy flows from misunderstanding. 

Utica: City of Refuge for the New Millennium

By Jason Koon / photos courtesy of The Center, Utica

It may not be evident on the surface, but a walk down Bleecker Street in the small city of Utica in upstate New York is a vastly different experience than it was 20 years ago.

Journeying with “Minari”: a reflection on the film

By Kathy KyoungAh Khang

Minari is the story of a Korean-American family’s journey of belonging and flourishing as they start a new life on a farm in Arkansas. An American film written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung, it stars Steven Yeun of Walking Dead fame, Han Ye-ri, and Youn Yuh-jung.

#100days: What Are Your Hopes for the New Administration?

In light of the current struggles in our nation, including the pandemic and the tumult of the election and transition seasons, we want to make clear our commitment to hold the Biden Administration accountable, especially for the concerns we think are closest to Jesus’ heart.

What Do Our Politics Look Like When Our Faith Is in the Driver’s Seat…?

With Rev. Edward Bailey, Rev. Lori Person-Baynard, Dr. Robert Reyes, Pastor Carmen Dones, Dr. Ron Sider, and Kristyn Komarnicki

Webinar: How Can I Talk With Family and Friends Who Disagree With Me This Election Year?

By Ron Sider
Ways to begin a conversation across deep political divides that lead to real listening and dialogue rather than anger and silence

Faith-Rooted Civil Resistance

Questions for Christians
Why is nonviolent struggle an essential part of pursuing racial justice?How do nonviolent movements for racial justice fit within our participation in the mission of God?How does the gospel connect nonviolent movements for racial progress and Christian faithfulness?

Immigrants and Refugees

Questions for Christians

Why does God care so much about immigrants?
What does justice look like for these “strangers” among us?
What do immigrants have to do with me, and what difference could I possibly make in the lives of displaced people?

God & Politics

Questions for Christians
Why should my faith have anything to do with my politics?What would it look like to let Christ be Lord of my politics?How should biblical teaching inform my politics?
Although most people never think about it concretely, every person has some baseline principles that guide their political judgments.