Join the Center for Christian Civics for fifteen minutes of guided prayer for the health of our political process, the effects of toxic polarization on our churches, and the spiritual needs of the people we hire into public service.

This is the latest in a new series of prayer calls hosted by Christians for Social Action and led by our partners at the Center for Christian Civics. These life-giving prayer calls bring together Jesus followers from around the country and across the political spectrum. Twice a month, we join together to seek God’s vision for how the church can better witness in a divided country.

Each fifteen-minute call features three guided prayers from ministry leaders and public servants from around the country, as well as members of the CSA and Christian Civics teams. Pastors, political practitioners and anyone who wants to see the church heal our broken politics are welcome to join us!

Register via the link below and we’ll send you reminders and login/dial-in information for each call.

About Christian Civics

Christians for Social Action is excited to partner with the Center for Christian Civics this election year! For nearly a decade, Christian Civics has empowered Jesus’ followers to think, speak and act differently in the public square. Their unique approach to spiritual formation takes our civic and political context seriously without ever giving in to easy, divisive polarization.

After registering for the prayer calls, you can learn more about our partnership with Christian Civics and preview their new Christian Civics Foundations course covering the ten most important topics in civic discipleship!

Wednesday at 12:30 PM–12:45 PM Eastern time