Empowering the church to think, speak and act differently in the public square.

Christians for Social Action and the Center for Christian Civics

A renewed culture war is eating away at the soul of U.S. churches, but following Jesus shouldn’t turn us into political triumphalists, partisan loyalists or ideological extremists. The Center for Christian Civics is working with Christians for Social Action to equip Christians to trust each other and serve our neighbors—even across deep partisan divides.

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Five Ways of Understanding “Politics”

Intimidated by the idea of talking politics at church? Before the first group discussion, Christian Civics Foundations asks us to examine what the word “politics” means to us and enter into the conversation with a new, broader perspective.

“I’m hopeful now because I've experienced something that seemed impossible before Oriented to Love: seeing people who hold fundamental disagreements come together and learn to listen to and love each other. I now feel I could possibly be brave in other spaces too, and hopefully create the same type of environment for people to dialogue.”

Danny, full-time campus minister, Orlando, FL

“It was healing to sit across from people whose beliefs were different from mine regarding such an important part of myself. The love that centered us all was palpable and beautiful.”

Stefie, graduate student, San Francisco

“Oriented to Love has afforded me a model to imagine applying in my church, where there is difference of position, thought and experience. The work of peacemaking on the ground in light of the hard and heavy conversations is something that I ache to see in my church.”

Matt, pastor of teaching and outreach, Christ City Church, Washington, DC

“Oriented to Love eliminated my fear of having to have all the answers. The conversations I start now flow from a heart of wanting dialogue and knowing how to ask good questions.”

Briana, entrepreneur, London, England


Why Single-Issue Voting Doesn’t Reflect the Gospel

By Nikki Toyama-Szeto
Single-issue voting works for political operatives trying to grab the Christian vote, but it is an unfaithful representation of the fullness of the heart of God. It reflects political pragmatism but not Christian faithfulness.

Center for Christian Civics Team

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