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Prayer for the Morning

By Audette Fulbright Fulson
Did you rise this morning,
broken and hungover
with weariness and pain
and rage tattered from waving too long in a brutal wind?

The Greatest Evil

By C.S. Lewis

The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid “dens of crime” that Dickens loved to paint. It is not done even in concentration camps and labour camps. In those we see its final result.

The Immigration Debate: Can the Bible Help?

By M. Daniel Carroll Rodas

The issues surrounding the immigration debate are complex and ongoing. The United States was founded by immigrants, and many can point to ancestors from Europe, Asia, or Africa who reached these shores in the last 250 years.

On Border Fences and the Fabric of Our Nation

By Leslie Harrison

I have always been a proponent for the rights of immigrants, based on the image I have of America according to the picture painted by our history. I am disappointed and ashamed that some Americans have such a short memory and refuse to look at the pages of history, which brings to life the importance of immigration.

Fourth of July Vegan Barbecue!

By Carol J. Adams
My spouse, Bruce, has been the Associate Pastor for Community Ministries at a church in Dallas for 30 years. When we first arrived we learned that the Fourth of July barbecue hosted by the church’s senior activities group was

Who Will We Follow?

By Sarah Quezada
Sarah Quezadastop. She discovered two brothers who were worried about their sister. The trio was hungry and thirsty. The young woman, Esmeralda, was dehydrated and had untreated wounds that appeared

A Holy Juxtaposition: 52 Years of Occupation

I loved my moments at the various holy sites like the Church of the Nativity, Sea of Galilee, Garden of Gethsemane, and the Via Dolorosa. All of these places are sacred to my faith and I treasure their memories.

Corinne Whitlatch: A Vision for Peace and Justice

By Jessica Hill
What does it mean to work for peace and justice? It means to persist in hope and faith, steadfast in our prayers and actions. Over the last three and a half decades, Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) has served as a spiritual home for those embracing the call for justice in

How Evangelicals Can Support Muslims During Ramadan

By Kevin Singer

Sunday, May 5th marked the beginning of the Ramadan season for Muslims, which will conclude on Tuesday, June 4th. Ramadan is the most important month of the calendar for Muslims, and participating in the holiday is one of Islam’s five pillars or duties that every Muslim must observe.

I’m Not a Social Activist

By Ron Sider
I’m not a social activist.

I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Savior, and Lord of the universe.
In the inner-city congregation where my family worshiped for more than a decade, the choir often sang a song I still love:

Benediction for Unity

By Katelyn Durst
It is hard to admit this
because we are kind people
but we wouldn’t know unity from contempt
we wouldn’t know togetherness from war

Jesus Was No Stranger to the Least of These

By Molly Lorden

Jesus spent three years with his disciples, ministering to people, healing the sick, spending time in fellowship with sinners, and preaching the good news. In the last two weeks before his death and resurrection, he showed us where his priorities were.

Notre Dame and the End of Time

By Bonnie O’Neil

I sat glued to the television screen for hours, transfixed by the plumes of fire and smoke rising to the heavens above Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. Grief-stricken, I hung on every word the reporters shared of the potential fate of this sacred space.

Washing Feet

By Elrena Evans
The year my eldest daughter was in kindergarten, she began bugging me to take her to the Maundy Thursday foot-washing service at our church six weeks before the event.