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As Ron Would Say, “People Need Jesus and a Job”

By Shane Claiborne

I first met Ron at Eastern Univeristy—he was at the seminary and I was fresh out of the East Tennessee Bible belt.  I arrived at Eastern with a very open mind, but new to connecting my faith to the bigger social issues and questions of how to address poverty.

Ron Sider Goes Home

By Nikki Toyama-Szeto

Dear friends,

Dr. Ron Sider, our dear friend and colleague, passed away on Wednesday night, July 27.

Ron died of cardiac arrest, following a hospital stay for treatment for some ongoing health conditions. 

The DNA of Hope

By Kristyn Komarnicki

I live in a state of hopelessness.

Pennsylvania is one of the few states that retain both the death penalty and a life-without-parole policy. And the death penalty is the ultimate statement of despair.

Start Small

By Cindy Wang Brandt

Editor’s Note: This excerpt was originally published in March 2019.

Dishes are an under-discussed topic in parenting books. While others focus on children (not sure why that is), I feel like dishes deserve much more attention simply because of the amount of space they occupy in family life.

Past Due

By Deborah Masten

Pain, Pissed, PTSD, Pitiful, Pointless, Problems, Petty

Anxiety, Anger, Alone, Afraid, Absent, Ambiguity, Agitated

Stress, Sorrow, Silenced, Sick, Stuck, Siloed, Shell Shocked

Trauma, Triggered, Tired, Trapped, Tunnel Vision, Turmoil, Threatened

Depression, Devastated, Doubtful, Done, Depleted, Dire, Despair

Unhealthy, Uncaring, Unsettled, Unprepared, Unmotivated, Useless

Exhaustion, Enraged, Energy-less, Envious, Exit plans

When I look at each line of words, they represent what I see in homes, families, workplaces, schools and churches.

Celebrating Gratitude Month

By Kristyn Komarnicki

June is Pride Month, and Pride is something I’ve learned a lot about over the last decade of my work with LGBTQ+ folx. And the learning continues. I’ve learned about the origins of Pride as a parade.

Black Spirituality & Black Liberation Webinar

By Andre Henry and Cole Arthur Riley
Spirituality has always been relevant to the quest for Black freedom. But sometimes the relationship between the two is complicated by Christian traditions influenced by colonization.

How We Reclaim Our Faith Through Deconstruction

By Rohadi Nagassar

A curious feature in American evangelicalism (which is different from Canada on this notable factor) is self-conferring the position of protector and gatekeeper to all Christian truth. This posture produces a certain response when theological or cultural presuppositions are challenged.

What to Do If You or Someone You Know Is Having Suicidal Thoughts

By Brittney Moses

I was serving in youth ministry with a new church plant when the pastor updated me on a mom in distress who’d recently been attending the church. She was hurt, stuck and confused because her teenage son, who would often shut himself away in his room, was having recurring suicidal thoughts.