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An Interview with John McNall on the Space Between Doubt and Dogmatism

We spoke with Dr. Josh McNall—associate professor of pastoral theology, ambassador of church relations, and director of the honors program at Oklahoma Wesleyan University—about his latest book, Perhaps: Reclaiming the Space Between Doubt and Dogmatism, published by InterVarsity Press. 

How Good and Pleasant It Is!

By Stefie Dominguez
Being fully known and truly loved should be a central component of Christian community. But far too many sexual minorities in the church have risked opening themselves up—in the hope of being fully known—and not experienced being truly loved.

Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party

Reviewed by Shannon Beeby
Set in in the microcosm of a pool party for the teenage son of a Midwestern megachurch pastor, Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party takes a macrocosmic look at the questions and concerns that confront many faith communities.

More Resources for Parents

Your kid—and/or their friends—have come out as LGBTQ+. You want to understand, to respond lovingly, and to engage all involved in a conversation that keeps the channels of communication open. The resources below can provide the kind of insight you’re looking for.

More Resources for LGBTQ+ Christians

If you’re a Christian who identifies as LGBTQIA+ looking for a wide range of thoughtful voices on the relationship between faith, sexuality and gender, our resources—which focus on honoring our own and others’ experiences—offer a wealth of mature, nuanced voices.

More Resources for Pastors

Our resources allow Christian leaders to access the voices of a wide variety of queer Christians. Regardless of your theological position—or confusion—on these matters, we invite you to use these resources to deepen your insights into those you may be serving …

“A Letter to My Congregation” by Ken Wilson

Reviewed by Tim Otto

I just counted the books on my selves about faith and homosexuality: I have 51. I also just finished reading Ken Wilson’s A Letter to My Congregation: An Evangelical Pastor’s Path to Embracing People Who Are Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender into the Company of Jesus (David Crumm Media, 2014).

Generous Spaciousness: Wendy Gritter

Interview by Josh MacIvor-Andersen
I hope that anyone who is a follower of Jesus, regardless of whether they have experienced marginalization themselves, will see as an intrinsic part of the gospel that we are to go to the margins—whatever those margins may be. 

Living in the Questions

By John Backman

The 12 people who took part in Oriented to Love defied simple description, and our conversation gave me a taste of the astounding complexity behind our sexuality. I learned about gay and lesbian people who, while fully owning their orientation, have chosen celibacy because of a deep fealty to their faith tradition.

When Grace Dances

By Tim Otto

I’m surprised you are reading this. When a discussion of homosexuality comes up, I find that most Christians are exhausted by it. Are there any words left that might accomplish anything? Words that would resolve it, reconcile us, and put the matter to rest?

Great and Hidden Things

By James Cates
A Christian dialogue on sexual diversity conjures vivid images, I am sure, for any person considering such an oxymoron. And yet the interactions at Oriented to Love demonstrate that our imaginations only limit what God can do.

A Good First Chapter

By Martha Hopler
I was invited to join a group of men and women, friends and strangers, to discuss the topic of sexual diversity in the church, but in a way where stories, and not debates, would take center stage. Some of us came with knowledge drawn from data, others from intuition, some from personal experience.

The Gift That Comes with the Need

By Tim Timmerman

I have received a gift of faith in Christ, and a gift of being a sexual adult male. For those like myself who can find they are sexually attracted to their own gender, navigating the water where religious and sexual conviction meet can be quite tricky.

From Chains to Garlands

By Eve Tushnet

I’m Catholic, lesbian, and celibate due to my religious convictions, and I write about those things fairly often, so I’ve seen a fair number of gatherings dealing with the intersection of Christian life and same-sex attraction.

In the Absence of an Agenda

By Julian Forth

Imagine 12 strangers from across the country suddenly finding themselves in close quarters, sharing meals, and talking about sex. With such a small number of participants, it was as difficult to hide oneself as it was to demonize the others.