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A Good First Chapter

By Martha Hopler
I was invited to join a group of men and women, friends and strangers, to discuss the topic of sexual diversity in the church, but in a way where stories, and not debates, would take center stage. Some of us came with knowledge drawn from data, others from intuition, some from personal experience.

The Gift That Comes with the Need

By Tim Timmerman

I have received a gift of faith in Christ, and a gift of being a sexual adult male. For those like myself who can find they are sexually attracted to their own gender, navigating the water where religious and sexual conviction meet can be quite tricky.

From Chains to Garlands

By Eve Tushnet

I’m Catholic, lesbian, and celibate due to my religious convictions, and I write about those things fairly often, so I’ve seen a fair number of gatherings dealing with the intersection of Christian life and same-sex attraction.

In the Absence of an Agenda

By Julian Forth

Imagine 12 strangers from across the country suddenly finding themselves in close quarters, sharing meals, and talking about sex. With such a small number of participants, it was as difficult to hide oneself as it was to demonize the others.

Rethinking Communion

By Angélique Gravely

For as long as I have seriously thought about Holy Communion, I have thought about it as a mostly personal portion of the service. The time leading up to Communion is probably the point in church when my focus is most drawn within myself.

The Battle Over Sexual Diversity

By Tim Stoner
The danger of warfare is that it polarizes us into belligerent camps convinced that over our heads waves the pristine banner of the right, the good, and the brave and, with the irresistible force of gravity, presses from our lips the fervent declaration “God is on our side!”

Get off the Line

By Tim Timmerman

It would be thinking too small to simply say that the seven men sitting around my living room are gay. All of us love Jesus. All of us are a part of a diverse Christian group of men who gather regularly.