2021 Black History Month Recommendations for the Whole Family

Compiled by Dominique Gilliard

These lists are nowhere near exhaustive. A multitude of other great resources like Reading While Black, Who Will Be a Witness, Becoming, The Souls of Black Folk, The Miseducation of the Negro, and The Parable of the Sower could very well be on a list of this nature.

Challenging Racism: The Brown Church

By Robert Chao Romero

I’m Spanish.
My family is from Spain.
We’re from Peru, but my husband is Italian.
I’m a norteño; I’m not an Indian from southern Mexico.
She has “bad hair.”
Marry someone lighter than you, pa’ que mejorar la raza.

Talking With White Folks About Race: Challenging Historical Myths and Distortions

By Drick Boyd
Every October, the United States observes Columbus Day.

Am I a Racist Without Knowing It?

By John Seel, Ph.D
In the United States, Black men are far more likely to be hassled by law enforcement during routine traffic stops. It is also likely, in a conversation about this fact, that a white male will not appreciate the degree to which his privilege is

Hidden Identity

By Kelley Nikondeha

As an adopted person I’ve lived with the reality of a hidden history. My origin story remains unknown to me, sealed by a court order for almost 50 years now. I know little about my mother—just that she was Mexican and an accountant at the time of my birth.

How Dr. James Cone Shaped My Evangelical Faith Journey

By Andrea Smith

Dr. James Cone, the founder of Black liberation theology, passed away on April 28, 2018. Dr. Cone became famous during President Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, during the controversy surrounding Jeremiah White.

Why Can’t We Talk? Five Roadblocks to Real Conversation

By Skot Welch, Rick Wilson, and Andi Cumbo-Floyd

We’ve all had those conversations: the ones about racism in which we feel that we don’t know what to say, we don’t feel heard, and we get our feelings hurt.

Seven Questions About the Voices Conference: What You Need to Know

By Leroy Barber
The Voices Conference is an outgrowth of the Voices Project, whose mission is to affect culture by training and promoting leaders of color.

Talking With White Folks About Race: Responding to the Guilt, Shame and Powerlessness of White Privilege

By Drick Boyd

When the topic of race comes up in conversation, white folks often express feelings of both guilt and powerlessness. Why?
Overwhelmed by guilt
Dr. Beverly Tatum, formerly a Professor of Psychology at Mt.

How to Talk With White Folks About Race: An Introduction

By Drick Boyd

White people, like myself, need to recognize our responsibility to talk with other white people about race, especially in light of current events and the increasing polarization in our nation around issues of race and ethnicity.