One Month After Charlottesville: A Letter to My White Suburban Christian Brothers and Sisters

By Benjamin Capps

Dear white, suburban, Christian brothers and sisters,

Like many of you, on the evening of Saturday August 12th, my eyes were glued to the unfolding events scrolling across the screen of my phone—my mouth open, stomach turning, head swirling and palms sweating as my body reacted to what I was seeing.

Step Up and Change the World: An Interview with Michael Waters

By Micky ScottBey Jones
Michael W. Waters is a pastor and activist in Dallas, TX and the author of the book Stakes is High. In addition to reviewing the book, I wanted to chat with Michael because in reading the book, I immediately felt a kinship with him—we are of the same generation and connect to both culture and faith as a source of identity and activism.

How the LGBTQ Community Is Saving the Church

By Bill White
“What do you think is the value in LGBT people naming and defining their sexuality? How is that helpful or harmful for the heterosexual majority community and the church?”

To Be Known: My Journey to Standing Rock

By AnaYelsi Sanchez

My entire life has been an exercise in chasing after the fulfillment of being known.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but have lived in the Latin diaspora since I was three years old.

Church + Youth & Unity = Hope

By Willie James Jennings
I see young people who are committed to Jesus and to living the life of faith, concretely in the everyday realities of political and social struggle.