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The Stony Road Pilgrimage (2)

In the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., we are invited to the possibility of revelation, repentance, and perhaps redemption. It is a quest—a pilgrimage. In order to lament and celebrate the past, in order to understand the uniqueness of particular people and places and the repeated refrains of this present moment that allow us to work toward a more just and redeemed future, we must explore the narratives of African Americans—narratives that are integral to the story but often ignored or dismissed as side characters in our national story.

This pilgrimage invites participants to explore the history, faith, and lives of African Americans, to make connections to the current spiritual and socio-political moment, and to discuss how that impacts our responsibilities and possibilities for the dream of Beloved Community.*

Our 34-page guide, written by Micky ScottBey Jones and produced by CSA’s Racial Justice Institute, offers background to help groups or individuals prepare for visiting the museum, in a posture of experiencing the museum as a place of pilgrimage.

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In a world full of stressors, On Breath and Being offers an experiential intervention in the form of a contemplative toolbox rooted in the breath and body. This 7-part series of short, guided meditations by theologian Nia Camphina-Bacote centers breathwork, because the breath is an essential and accessible tool with the capacity to help facilitate healing in the whole-est and holiest of ways. We hope this offering allows for a moment of pause, inviting listeners into an embodied experience of being as they return home to the body through the simple and sacred act of breathing.

Listen to one episode each day for a week.  Or use this series as part a healing or restorative practice, as needed.

Play each episode from this page, download to your favorite podcast player or sign-up here to receive the practice each morning via email.

On Breathe and Being was written and narrated by Nia Camphina-Bacote. Produced by Andre Henry. © 2023 All Rights Reserved.