CSA Featured in European Documentary Series

The European TV channel Arte interviewed CSA Director Nikki Toyama-Szeto for a new three-part documentary series that examines the rise of evangelical Christianity around the globe. Focusing especially on evangelicalism’s impact on the public sphere, the secular narrative exposes the uncomfortable relationship between this religious movement and political power structures.

Titled “Evangelicals for World Domination,” the series begins its exploration at the the Cold War and brings it right up to the present day, tracing evangelical connections between the United States, Europe (in particular Germany and France), and Israel. The filmmakers speak with pastors, historians, theologians, and practitioners: from pastors Robert Jeffress and Paula White of Trump’s evangelical council to progressive evangelicals like Shane Claiborne (Simple Way), Robert Schenck (Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute) and Nikki Toyama-Szeto (CSA).

(Access to documentary may be limited to Europe only)

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