Prayer for the Morning

Did you rise this morning,
broken and hungover
with weariness and pain
and rage tattered from waving too long in a brutal wind?
Get up, child.
Pull your bones upright
gather your skin and muscle into a patch of sun.
Draw breath deep into your lungs;
you will need it
for another day calls to you.
I know you ache.
I know you wish the work were done
and you
with everyone you have ever loved
were on a distant shore
safe, and unafraid.
But remember this,
tired as you are:
you are not alone.
and here
and here also
there are others weeping
and rising
and gathering their courage.
You belong to them
and they to you
and together,
we will breakthrough
and bend the arc of justice
all the way down
into our lives.

Audette Fulbright Fulson is a longtime justice-worker and congregational minister. She dreams of a better world for her children and yours.


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