President-Elect Trump: A Response from CSA

What does Christians for Social Action have to say about President-elect Trump?

First, we treasure American democracy and its precious history of peaceful transition of political power. And therefore we pledge to pray for President-elect Trump, and we will work with him whenever our principles align.

Second, CSA has, for decades, promoted a biblically-balanced, “completely pro-life” agenda: pro-life and pro-poor, pro-family and pro-racial justice, pro-peacemaking and pro-creation care. We believe this holistic agenda desperately needs vigorous voices that will challenge President Trump whenever he promotes policies that neglect the poor and favor the rich, disrespect women, neglect racial and religious minorities, and fail to protect the environment. Now more than ever, the nation needs evangelical Christians who vigorously work for racial, gender, and economic justice and help our fragile planet avoid dangerous global warming.

Third, CSA will vigorously challenge the larger evangelical world to deal with the fact that it is now publically and intimately identified with a political campaign that denied the science of global warming, tolerated and even appealed to racism, promoted lies (e.g. denying that President Obama is a U.S. citizen), demonstrated despicable treatment of women and embraced economic policies that will overwhelmingly help the very rich. Increasingly, that is what “evangelical” means to large numbers of Americans. That agenda contradicts biblical teaching and leads many millennials to turn away from the evangelical church and even to reject Jesus. CSA intends to be a vigorous voice challenging the evangelical world to speak, live, and act in a way that clearly and explicitly challenges that kind of agenda, an agenda that is unchristian and moves people to reject our Lord and Savior.

We believe that now more than ever, we need a strong, articulate evangelical voice that promotes a biblically-balanced agenda. We lament, confess, and repent of our complicity with a culture that continually denies the full humanity of all of our citizens. We resist that culture, and will continue to work instead toward a culture where every one of God’s children is respected and valued.

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