Resources for parents

Webinar: Parenting Queer Kids

Speakers: Pei, Jonathan, Bill, and Tonya
A conversation with Christian parents about the joys & challenges of raising and relating to their LGBTQ children

Think Different

By John Seel
Life is spherical. It is lived in 3D. It is better understood from lived experience than from abstractions. It is messy, provisional, and intrinsically relational. These are the guiding insights of millennials…

More Resources for Parents

Your kid—and/or their friends—have come out as LGBTQ+. You want to understand, to respond lovingly, and to engage all involved in a conversation that keeps the channels of communication open. The resources below can provide the kind of insight you’re looking for.

Resources for pastors

Wisdom for the Church from LGBTQ+ Christians

By Bill White

From the back of the gymnasium/fellowship hall, I counted 249 church-goers and leaders, and every one of them was leaning in. No one was on their phone—no, they were too intent on trying to make sense of the unusual scene unfolding in front of them.

Webinar: Pastoral Care for Queer People

By Francesca Nuzzolese

What are the pastoral care needs of queer Christians, and how are they distinct from those of non-queer people? How can you better care for God’s queer children in your ministry, wherever you find yourself on the theological spectrum concerning sexuality and gender?

More Resources for Pastors

Our resources allow Christian leaders to access the voices of a wide variety of queer Christians. Regardless of your theological position—or confusion—on these matters, we invite you to use these resources to deepen your insights into those you may be serving …

Resources for LGBTQ+ Christians

Biblical Feminism and the Chicago Declaration: A Women’s History Month Special

By Lē Weaver
The Chicago Declaration was intended to serve as a framework for concrete evangelical engagement with the pressing social issues of the day. Christian Feminism Today (known originally as the Evangelical Women’s Caucus) came into being as a direct result of that Thanksgiving workshop, and with it a movement known as biblical feminism was born. 

In the Presence of My Enemies

By Joel Briggs

I think every painter labors long, meticulous hours for those little encounters, brief as they may be, when their work surprises and disrupts the viewer. The piece of art suddenly seizes the viewer, who exclaims something like, “This image!

A Testimony that Hurts and Heals: A Review of “Pray Away”

By Tim Otto

In these divided times, as many of us double down in our ideological camps, the new movie Pray Away (Netflix) offers a refreshing alternative by portraying people who not only realize they’ve been terribly wrong but who are also willing to admit it publicly.

I Prefer Belonging

By John Betten

What’s the difference between acceptance and approval?

When I think of straight friends who love and support me as a gay Christian, I think of my friend Chico. Chico is not “affirming” in the way Christians normally use that term, and he does not always approve of my actions or opinions when it comes to sexuality.

Naked at Church?

By Derek Kaser

Can people get naked at your church? Can they bare everything and still be accepted without hesitation?

Fear not—I’m not suggesting we should make room for streakers at church. I’m talking about emotional nakedness.

More Resources for LGBTQ+ Christians

If you’re a Christian who identifies as LGBTQIA+ looking for a wide range of thoughtful voices on the relationship between faith, sexuality and gender, our resources—which focus on honoring our own and others’ experiences—offer a wealth of mature, nuanced voices.