Church + Embodied Faith = Hope

When I look at the church, what gives me hope?

I am watching a movement of people who aren’t just discarding their faith but choosing a more embodied one that pays attention to people’s holistic personhood. As this happens, I am watching Christians become more healthy as they go to therapy, leave toxic spaces, and develop more inclusive theologies. My hope is that this process would not just impact people, but church systems and structures.

Brandi Miller, Creator/Host of the Reclaiming My Theology podcast
Twitter: @brandinico
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When I look at the church, what gives me hope?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer complained that the Protestant mainliners he met in the United States during his visit to Union Theological Seminary were light on theology and preoccupied with defining themselves as “not those fundamentalists.” Something analogous could be said for evangelicals whose identity is tied up in not being (or worse, becoming) ‘those liberal Protestants.’ I’m hopeful that this old narrative, a cheap form of tribal identity in both groups, is losing power.