Church + Reformation = Hope

When I look at the church, what gives me hope?

I believe that in this season of unprecedented challenges—the pandemic, political upheaval, racial uprisings, unceasing grief and violence, and more—many American churches have been faced with their long-standing idols. The severity of disruption in our churches forced us to re-examine both the identity and the purpose of local churches, and invited repentance from our over-reliance on buildings, programs, budgets, and tradition to define who we are and how we live in this world. In this moment, I am hopeful because I see a season of reformation in the American Church, as Jesus-followers strive to extricate our faith from oppressive theologies, capitalistic and nationalistic impulses, and violent practices, to instead live out the radical, self-giving love of Jesus. I truly hope that our churches will not “go back to normal” after this pandemic and believe that the true, good, and beautiful way of Jesus can be a healing balm in our world that is aching to imagine a better way.

Erina Kim-Eubanks, Commissioned Lay Pastor, PC(USA)
Co-Pastor of Bethel Community Presbyterian Church (San Leandro, CA)
IG: @erinakimeubanks

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